Set-up in minutes

Hangover can be added to your applications in minutes. Just add the code to your application and start tracking right away.

Slack notifications

Enable Slack notifications to receive instant notifications for issues from specific staging and production applications.

Find similar issues

Similar issues are automatically linked, so you can see the number of occurrences and resolve all similar issues with one click.

All your applications

Easily add and track all your applications. Browse issues in one overview or check the reporting history for a specific application.

Resolve and discuss

Discuss issues with your team to determine your actions and mark it resolved once it has been fixed in the application's source.

Full stack trace

You get all the details to make replicating and fixing errors easier than ever, including the stack trace, path info and message.

Use the language you love

We’re continuously adding support for new languages, so Hangover fits right into your workflow.

Simple as 1, 2, 3

Setting up your applications to use Hangover and start logging is easy.

Add your application

Add your application to Hangover and copy your unique application key.

Add Hangover

Add the Hangover library to the application in your preferred language.

Start logging

Error reports will automatically appear in Hangover and you’ll be the first to know.